Start building on Litecoin effortlessly without Purchasing or managing a node. Access our publicly available node using baseurl: https://pteri.xyz .

Our publicly available node combines a few selection of endpoints from both our Enterprise Litecoin Plan (with tokenization) and our Litecoin Plan (without tokenization). The majority of endpoints originate from the Enterprise Litecoin Plan (with tokenization). However, this publicly available node has certain limitations, including a daily usage cap. For detailed pricing information, please refer to our pricing page. We strongly recommend our Enterprise Plan for businesses seeking professional solutions and premium support.

This public node URL can help you get started on your journey to building exceptional Web3 solutions with minimal investment, tailored to your needs.

Also note that for enterprise plan a special baseurl would be provided for you.

We highly recommend you consult the the API Reference to get your hands dirty. For litecoin plan( no tokenization) use API Reference and for Litecoin Plan (with tokenization) use API Reference

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