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Permission levels

To connect to the Kakr LiaaS API, you will need to generate Kakr LiaaS API Keys by signing up for an account. Then visit your dashboard to generate new keys.

When you click "Generate API Key," your key will automatically be generated for you, and by default you will be assigned a Starter privilege, which, as you might expect, has access to all API endpoints with limited calls. If you'd like to increase the number of call endpoints, you can do so by subscribing to other plans, this will increase the number of calls you can make with your subscribed account.

allows the establishment of a unique set or group of Non-Fungible Tokens (SDAs) that share a common theme, concept, or purpose. NFT collections are often created by artists, creators, or individuals who want to organize and categorize their NFTs in a specific manner.

By setting a Key Name, you will be able to easily identify the key and its purpose.

Sample API key

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