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Get started with the right pricing plan, the Basic plan gives few accessibility and offers, meanwhile, other plans like Pteri + LiaaS and Custom plan give preferable access and privileges

Pricing and Subscription

  • Choose one of the available subscription plans.

  • The Basic Plan is free of charge and is perfect for quick experimentation, quite small API calls per day, and lightweight development. You can find more information on the limitations and usage restrictions of the Basic Plan

  • If you choose either the Pteri + LiaaS Plan, you will have more API calls per day with heavyweight development and transactions PDF download. You can find more information on the merits and usage accessibilities of the Pteri + LiaaS Plan

Subscription steps (How to subscribe for a Plan)

  1. Choose the plan you want to subscribe to and click "Proceed" to access the dashboard area. You will then be directed to a checkout session before proceeding to Stripe.

  2. Click on Proceed with Stripe this takes you to the Stripe interface.

  3. Provide the required payment details and complete the payment process on Stripe.

  4. Once the payment is successfully made, you will be redirected back to Pteri to continue the dashboard.

  5. Your account will be upgraded to the subscribed plan automatically.

NB: This is a recurring payment that will be charged every month.

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