Proof of Loyalty

Implement the concept of "proof of loyalty" as a use case for Stablecoins.

A proof of loyalty system using the Litecoin blockchain stablecoins can be implemented by having companies issue branded stablecoins (SDA-13) as loyalty points, pegged to a fiat currency to maintain stable value. Customers earn these stablecoins through purchases, participating in promotions, referrals, or other engagement activities. They can redeem them for discounts, products, and services, or even convert them back to fiat currency if permitted by the program. An instance of a loyalty system could be an Airline system

Airline Scenario implementation

Ticketing and Booking System

  • Integration: Integrate stablecoin payment options into the airline's existing booking platform.

  • Payment Gateway: Use or implement a payment gateway that supports stablecoins, ensuring quick and seamless transactions.

Loyalty and Rewards Program

  • Tokenized Points: Create a loyalty program where rewards are issued as tokens on a blockchain. These tokens are the stablecoins you created on Kakr Labs Litecoin as a Service (LiaaS) or custom tokens pegged to stablecoins.

  • Redeemable Rewards: Allow customers to redeem these tokens for flights, upgrades, or other services within the airline ecosystem.

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