NFT Marketplace

Implement the concept of "proof of loyalty" as a use case for Stablecoins.

My goal for NFT Marketplace is to develop a web platform using Litecoin Blockchain that facilitates the transfer of a unique and carefully chosen range of NFTs to consumers. This approach allows me to establish a distinct brand and generate revenue by earning brokerage fees on all sales

NFT Marketplaces serve as intermediaries connecting NFT creators and collectors. As a marketplace curator, you proactively seek out NFT creators and curate a collection of items available for sale. Potential buyers visit your platform to review and consider your curated selections, followed by submitting offers. As the curator, you match the minimum prices set by the creators with the most suitable offers from the buyers. Subsequently, you facilitate the transaction and collect a broker fee for your services. To initiate the marketplace, you can begin by

Select a subscription plan that suits your needs to begin building your NFT marketplace.

2. Setting up a wallet

Set up a new wallet. See Create Wallet.

  • Design Your Digital Asset: Digital art, music, video, or any digital content you wish to tokenize.

  • Metadata: Prepare the metadata for your NFT, which includes the title, description, and any attributes or properties that make your NFT unique.

  • Upload: Use the chosen Interplanetary file system (IPFS) platform to upload your digital asset and metadata.

  • Minting the NFT: This usually involves filling in details about your asset and paying a small fee in LTC to cover the minting process. your NFT will be created on the Litecoin blockchain. You would receive the transaction identifier (ID) as the response.

4. Initiate the Transfer

To transfer an NFT:

Find Your NFT: Check your wallet or the platform where your NFT is stored.

Obtain Recipient's Address: Retrieve the recipient's Litecoin address.

Specify the NFT you wish to transfer and Specify the number of NFT to be sent to the recipient’s Address then enter the recipient's Litecoin address.

After initiating the transfer, you will get the transaction ID as the success response, you can track the transaction on our Litecoin blockchain explorer Pteri. Confirm the recipient has received the NFT.

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