Peer-to-Peer Payments

Implement the concept of "Peer-to-Peer Payments" as a use case for Payment.

Kakr LiaaS Blockchain Service offers a streamlined and borderless way to manage payments on the Litecoin Blockchain. Whether it's between friends or a buyer and merchant, the Kakr LiaaS Blockchain Service enables swift and low-cost peer-to-peer payments. Unlike conventional methods, it eliminates the need for financial institutions to hold your assets and facilitate transactions. With an internet connection, you can make direct payments on the Kakr LiaaS Blockchain Service just as effortlessly as handing over cash.

Getting Started with Peer-to-Peer Payments

  1. Choose a subscription plan that aligns with your infrastructure needs.

  2. Create a wallet. You have the option to create wallets for future encryption or directly create an encrypted wallet.

  3. Generate the wallet address. Fund the wallet by transferring Litecoin (LTC) from a third-party wallet. Verify the balance using the Kakr Labs Explorer, Pteri.

  4. Obtain the recipient's Litecoin wallet address and the desired LTC amount. Create a raw transaction with these details.

  5. Sign the raw transaction using your wallet credentials.

  6. Broadcast the signed transaction through the LiaaS API to the Litecoin network for processing by miners.

  7. Monitor the transaction status using the Pteri platform.

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